SO.S Mini-Course: Establishing Your Expertise

Are you an expert? The answer is yes! Nobody knows your business better than you do. What is important is establishing this expertise on social media so that your followers see you as the expert and the first person to call when they have the problem that you solve.

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SO.S Mini-Course Establish Your Expertise

SO.S Mini-Courses are 15-minute sessions that go over key topics that play a role in a successful social media campaign. This mini-course goes over the importance of establishing yourself as an expert on social media and beyond. It also includes the 5 key steps needed in order to establish yourself as an expert.

If you don’t believe you are an expert or if you don’t know how to position yourself as on one social media then this mini-course will help you jumpstart the process.


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This course is currently closed

Course Includes

  • 3 Topics