Success on Social Content Masterclass

Content and Consistency

Welcome to this masterclass, this is a five-part masterclass that will review the 9 Essential Posts Businesses Should Try on Social Media as well as our three-tier content planner. These two tools are the main tools used at Success on .Social for content and consistency, the first two pillars of social media.

Goals of Masterclass

The Goals of this class are as follows:

✅ Eliminate the overwhelm associated with social media and stop doing social for the sake of social

✅ Regularly create content that adds value to your audience in an hour a week

✅ Remain consistent on social media with our 3 level content calendar planning


Each section contains a video of Social Media Guru, Jonathan Howard discussing the topics as well as a breakdown of the content discussed.

You can access the following things from the materials section on this course page above:

  • The 9 Essential Posts Workbook
  • The Content Calendar Planning Sheets
  • The updated Weekly Content Planner with Caption Prompts
  • The Complete Slide Deck for this Webinar

This course is approximately an hour long and will help you understand how to complete your 9 Essential Posts Worksheet and use that framework to remain consistent on social media.

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Course Includes

  • 3 Topics
  • 3 Lessons